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GFPL has taken care of all aspects of Aquaculture with same innovation and enthusiasm. Best attention is paid to all aspects of Aquaculture covering Pond Water Management, Nutrition and Disease in developing its range of products.

Hatchary Operations

For Hatchary use we have developed Buffered anti microbials to prevent the loss of Potency in high salanity, PH, water, Spirulina, encapsulated feeds are also made at compitive Prices. Special products were developed for better control of Lumecenent Bacteria.

Osmoregulatory apparatus inhibitors to make the shrimp Larva for better Survivability by making the iso osmotic at any salanity.

Phyto steroids for regular moulting during larval stage.

Pond Water Management

Organic and inorganic loads of the pond water increases by fertilization and y decay of excess feed, weeds, Blooms etc., lack of water facility at certain places for change will tell upon the water quality. This will lead to pond water pollution and evolution of Toxic & harmful gases, with multiplication of Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoal and algae loads. To over come these problems and a gas adsorbent - GASONEX and a pond water sanitizer POLGARD are developed. BIOCULT is a mixture of Aqua Probiotics to clean and minaralise Pond Bottom "Toilets" to maintain neat and clean pond bottom for better and healthy environment.

GFPL has adopted the latest and upto date research work in developing a product to convert the organic and unionised inorganic fertilizers to useful plankton by providing all the essential and needy plankton growth factors to Change the pond pollutants in to useful live feed of photo and Zoo plankton by salvage technique. This has resulted into PROPLAN a product yet to come in other advanced Countries.
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Nutritional aspects are taken care by introducing "Water Stable" polyvalent nutritional feed supplement granules as GROWEL containing all factors such as Vitamins, Amino acids, Chitosamine minerals and gut probiotics for fast growth and quick recovery from stress and weakness. CASHMIN is another product where Pre digested Liver protein is supplemented to the Fish Feed to improve protein, amino acid Metabolism for good and fast growth.


GFPL looked at Disease aspect by introducing the most powerful of the Tetracycline series Doxycycline as "Water Stable"granules GRODOX which has no residual or Calcium binding effect like other Tetracyclines. GFPL has carried extensive research and has developed yet another Novel "Water Stable" Nifurpirinol 10% granules DYNAMIX for all mixed and complicated bacterial, Protozoal infections with a wide range of coverage of Gram + ve & gram -ve Bacteria. GRODOX and DYNAMIX are also made as gels to be applied to feeding pellets to shrimp Culture so that medication becomes sure and easy, dependable and uniform.

The latest Bio-Chemical theory is jacking up of bodyís defence system by using Physiological anti oxidents. Oxidative metabolic free radicals of body would ruin the cellular and Humoral forces of the hostís defence mechanism. This concept of study is behind developing the product IMMUNOL. This would act as a preventive aid against the pathogenic aggression and fight against them. Like wise 1-3D, Betaglucon an innuno modulator is developed with appitizers known as CHARGER to boost shrimp immunity.

We have many first to our credit by introducing "Water Stable" Products & Polgard, Gasonex, Proplan, Dynamix, Immunol & CEDGARD. We once again pledge to commit ourselves to the science and in service of Aquaculture and rise to the Occasion.
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